Settle into a better life

At Balwyn Private Estate you will enjoy every possible convenience. There are 8 schools nearby with the newest, Caversham Valley Primary School opening in 2020.

The local shopping centre, Caversham Village and the Community Centre are located in Suffolk Street 2 minutes from the entrance to Balwyn Private Estate.

The nearby town of Guildford hosts antique stores, florists and other family-owned specialty shops. The town has an Old-English charm not found anywhere else in the state. Being in the heart of the Swan Valley also means you are well placed to enjoy the beautiful vineyards and restaurants the area is renowned for.

Residents will enjoy close proximity to WA’s largest international and domestic airports, making the estate perfect for frequent flyers. Balwyn Private Estate feels like a small-town getaway despite having every luxury and amenity nearby.

Vineyard in Swan Valley

Swan valley trees

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