Top questions to ask your home builder

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Top questions to ask your home builder.

The excitement of building your first home is like nothing else! On one hand you’re already picking out new cushions, candles and coffee mugs, but on the other, you’re running a thousand questions through your mind about how the build process works.

From pre-start to first fixes to handover, it all sounds like a minefield of jargon. But the good news is your home builder has done it all before. So make them your first stop for answers to key questions:

Who is my contact person? A reputable builder will assign you an experienced and personal consultant who will guide you through the steps and be your contact point.

What will you expect of me? Your consultant will advise you when you’ll need to be available to select fixtures, give approvals or visit your site.

How long will it take? Again, a reputable builder should give you a timeline for your build. They should also indicate how long each stage will take.

Armed with answers, finance and paperwork complete, expect your build to follow these stages:

  • Pre-start: Before anything commences, you get to choose your fixtures, fittings and colours. Pick out tiles, taps, benchtops, light fittings and more – in a style and colour scheme that’s ‘you’.
  • Construction begins: Things get real, and earthworks begin! Your slab goes down, walls go up, and your roof frame goes on. Electricians arrive to install wiring, switches and power points. Plumbers install kitchens, bathrooms and laundry piping, plus gutters and downpipes.
  • Roof on: It’s a big moment, and internal work can begin on plastering, rendering and ceilings.
  • Lock-up: When doors and windows go in, you reach this milestone! Bathrooms and kitchens go in, tiling, painting and floor coverings are added, and outdoor paving goes ahead.
  • Pre-handover inspection: You’ll check everything with your site manager, noting any issues to be sorted out.
  • Handover: Once all is done, you’ll get the keys, and you can move in!

To get your dream home going, talk to the friendly Sales Office team at Balwyn Private Estate in Caversham. They can discuss the building process with you, and help you find the right builder.

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