Land or home – which should come first?

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Land or home - which should come first?

A block of land?  Or the home design I love? Which one first?  It’s one of the most often debated topics among those who are building a new home.

The short answer is this: There is no simple answer! Often it depends on your situation and your preferences. Neither approach is wrong. To help you in this dilemma, consider both sides.

Land first

Is location critical for you? If you need to live within a very defined area, then you’re probably better off finding land there before you think about a home design. Perhaps you need to be close enough to schools for your children to walk, or perhaps you need to be close to work. Maybe it’s important to live near to family, or to be close to easy transport links. If any of these circumstances sound like you, then your top priority is finding land situated in your specific location.

Home first

Are you unwilling to compromise on your home design? Perhaps you’ve always had a dream home plan that you just know will make your lifestyle the best it can be. If you’re not fussed about where it’s built, then you should probably stick to your dream! Some people require a specific design to accommodate a larger family, extended or ageing family members, or a separate home office. If this is you, or if you’ve simply fallen in love with a design and are prepared to be flexible, then start with your home and look for land that fits.

Still uncertain? There’s also a third option! Remember home builders work with many land estates to offer home and land packages that are already a ‘perfect match’. The designs are ideal for lot size and shape, so you know you’re getting a home that maximises your land’s footprint and aspect.

At Balwyn Private Estate on the edge of the Swan Valley, you’ll find land of all shapes and sizes, and home builders happy to work with you to create your dream home. Visit the friendly Sales Office team to talk about your needs.

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